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5 Travel Pillows You Need in Your Life

By September 30, 2015Travel Blog

If you’re a frequent traveler with sleep apnea, getting quality sleep on the road (or in the air, or somewhere in between) can be extremely challenging. The Z1 and its components can help you make your CPAP therapy portable, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need help with some of the other aspects of your rest (such as comfort). These travel pillows are some of the most unique, effective solutions to the travel discomfort conundrum, and many of them are even CPAP mask-friendly.

1. The J Pillow

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.41.47 PM

There are many solutions out there designed to eliminate the crunched neck that normally follows as a product of sleeping while sitting up (in a car, plane, or other mode of transportation). Instead of a traditional travel pillow (which hugs the back and sides of your neck), the J Pillow is, as you might have guessed, shaped like the letter “J.” The top of the “J” cradles the side of your head and also gives the back of your head a nice cushion, while the lower part of the “J” shape supports your neck and chin. It’s an innovative solution that allows for even more neck support than traditional travel pillows (which can still lead to a bit of a crunched neck situation if you’re not careful).

2. KohbiTM Travel Bliss Memory Foam Neck Pillow

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This U-shaped travel pillow is a bit more traditional, but it is hailed as one of the best of its kind. Its soft pillow arms support the sides and back of your neck while you sleep, but unlike other travel pillows, it has a snap in the front so that it won’t slide off while you’re sleeping (and so that if your head tips forward a bit, your neck is still supported). It’s also made of memory foam covered in microfiber, making it so soft and comfortable that you might be tempted to use it even when you’re not traveling.

3. AirComfy Travel Pillow

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.43.49 PM

Saving space is always a top priority when traveling, which makes this inflatable pillow an excellent option. It’s a self-inflating pillow that supports the back of your neck, and comes with a strap so you can secure it to the headrest. It’s also an excellent option for those of us who wear CPAP masks when we sleep, because there are no arms on the pillow that rest near your face where the mask sits.

4. Travelrest Pillow

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.44.41 PM

It can be hard to sleep sitting up without leaning against a window (which is why the window seats are the most coveted seats on the plane, incidentally). That’s why the Travelrest pillow exists – it offers full lateral support that you can lean on, which is something most other travel pillows can’t say. It’s also inflatable, so its larger size doesn’t mean it takes up more luggage space.

5. Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.45.37 PM

This pillow allows you to reshape and restructure it, so that you can achieve maximum personalized comfort on the go. It has two pillows that connect with a strap, and you can twist them into the support that’s right for you, making this pillow unique from many other travel pillows.