The Z2 Auto

Ultra-small, lightweight – perfect for travel.

The Z2 Auto CPAP builds on the form of the Z1 with an improved, quieter motor and Auto Start /Stop Feature. The Z2 Auto CPAP is an auto adjusting pressure CPAP. It is indicated with a range of numbers such as 4-20 cmH2O on the prescription. We added a free Q-Lite to muffle the noise at the mask. At just 6.48” x 3.30” x 2.02” and 10.5 oz, it fits easily into your bag and won’t weigh you down. It’s perfect for taking your sleep apnea therapy with you when you travel.


The Z2 CPAP delivers fixed pressure therapy in the same small package as the Z2 Auto. Fixed pressure therapy is prescribed with a single pressure number such as 10 cmH20 on the prescription. It has an Auto Stop Feature which turns off the therapy when your mask is removed. Click here for more information on the Z2 CPAP.

Both the Z2 CPAP and Z2 Auto are eligible for the 30 day risk free trial. Click here for more details.

No special mask required: The Z2 does not require a special mask or tube for use. You can use your favorite mask as long as it does not have a proprietary connection.

Integrated Battery Option: For travel off the grid or where power is limited, add on the optional PowerShell for a fully integrated battery option. The PowerShell’s Extended Life Battery is a rechargeable, lithium ion battery which provides a full night’s therapy on a single charge.

Note: Check your prescription to find out which Z2 is right for you. If you see a range, such as 4-20 cmH20, purchase the Z2 Auto. If you see a fixed pressure, such as 10 cmH2O purchase the Z2 CPAP.

Ultra-small. Totally integrated.

The Z2 Auto is an ultra-small, lightweight, integrated auto cpap machine. It was designed from the bottom up to be the ultimate travel companion for travelers with sleep apnea.

  • Extremely lightweight – 10.5 oz
  • Fits in one hand
  • FAA approved for in-flight use

Nitelog Mobile App

The Z2 Auto works with Nitelog, our mobile app for iOS and Android. Now you can have of your sleep data in your pocket with built-in sharing with your doctor.

  • Seamless syncing through Bluetooth™
  • Share your data directly from your device
  • Be involved every day

What do I need to purchase a Z2 Auto?

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If you travel it is amazing too. No extra stuff to pack. For the first time in 6 years I didn't pack an extra bag to go out of town- it all fit in my carry-on!

Nancy F., TN