started with the vision to make travel with CPAP easier. Our aim was to make a CPAP that was small, lightweight, battery powered, and did not require distilled water for humidity.

American Engineering

Our engineering team, located outside Boston, MA started by designing the Z1 CPAP- a full featured CPAP that fit in your hand. We added the PowerShell, the market’s first integrated battery solution, to take a full night of CPAP therapy off the grid. We developed a mobile app so you could monitor your therapy from your cell phone.

The Z2 CPAP took the size and shape of the Z1 and made it more comfortable and quieter with the Extended Life Battery that doubled the therapy time with a single charge.

We then expanded our reach by selling the Z1 through our partners in Europe, Australia and China.

Made in Massachusetts

The Z2 CPAP is proudly manufactured in our North Billerica facilities, a small town near Boston, Massachusetts. Shipping, service and customer service teams are located there as well. We take pride in knowing that our product improves lives.

Our reach has expanded to across the globe with corporate partners, but our core vision remains to make travel for CPAP users easier and more comfortable.