Nitelog 2.0 for iOS and Android.

Download today at the App Store or Google Play!

Wirelessly sync your Z2 or Z1 Auto data to your iOS or Android device to analyze or share.

All current users will need to reregister their accounts and log in. This is a one-time re-registration and allows uploading and syncing of data.

How To Update:
1. Download the new Nitelog App for iOS or Android
2. Start the Nitelog App by pressing the Nitelog App button on your mobile device.
3. Press the blue “SIGN-UP” button.
4. Create an account by typing in your personal information and creating a password.
5. Press red “SIGN-UP” button to complete the process.
6. Nitelog will send a 6-digit confirmation code to your email address. Enter this code to complete the account set up.
7. You’re done! Your next login you will press the “SIGN IN” button and enter your email and password to access your data. Any data available on the device will sync.

This version contains several updates:
• Can connect with newest Android phones
• Now accessible via the app: User Registration, Reset Password, Forgot Password, Change Language, etc.
• Coverage available in 170 countries

The Nitelog mobile app allows you to program settings and analyze your sleep data using your iOS or Android mobile device. You can also share your sleep data directly from your mobile device.

Wireless syncing.

Nitelog connects to your Z1 or Z2 Auto CPAP using the Z2 or Z1’s built-in Bluetooth chip.


It’s never been easier to oversee and interact with your sleep data. Check your progress from anywhere right in the palm of your hand.


Seamlessly share your data right from Nitelog. Just generate a compliance report, put in an email address, and click send. Boom.

To download Nitelog on an iOS device, go to the App Store on that device (iPhone or iPad) and search for “Nitelog”. Push “GET” to download.

To download Nitelog on an Android device, go to the Google Play store on that device (Android phone or tablet) and search for “Nitelog”. Press the “INSTALL” button to download.

Nitelog Quick Start Guide

A Quick Start Guide is available to help you install and set up the Nitelog Mobile App. Click the button below to download the pdf file.