The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP was designed to keep your sleep apnea therapy compact and light.

At only 6.48″ x 3.30″ x 2.02″ and 10.4 oz, it was built for travelers and people on the go.

Add on the PowerShell and Extended Life Battery and get a fully integrated battery solution.

You can take your CPAP therapy any where you want to go — even off-the-grid.

Z2 Auto™

Auto adjusting CPAP for people on the go.


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The PowerShell® with Extended Life Battery

The PowerShell® turns your Z2 or Z1 into a cordless cpap machine capable of delivering a full night’s sleep with its 99 Wh battery modules.


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Extended Life Battery

The 99 Wh Extended Life Battery delivers a full night of therapy and are modular. Need more nights of therapy? Buy more modules. Compatible with Z2 and Z1 CPAPs.


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